Thursday, November 25, 2010

There’s your body.
And there’s gravity.
It’s with you.
Are you with it?
(Are you with gravity?)

Your body, just like any other structure on earth, must deal with the constant pull of gravity. It is the single most prominent physical force your body has to deal with. The body is broader at the top so when imbalances exist gravity tends to pull it down. There is a constant effort just to hold together and keep upright. This translates to chronic stress, persistent aches and pains.  Needless to say, it wastes energy.
When you decide to take positive steps Rolf Structural Integration offers definitive and peerless personalized assistance. The power and genius of this approach is how in so short a period of time it gracefully evokes many wonderful transformations. Some say it’s like 20 years of yoga exercises in 10 hours! People of all ages, life circumstances, and varying levels of physical ability will get significant and long lasting benefits. Of course, balance or the lack of it is a significant determinant in the level and quality of athletic performance and artistic expressiveness.

Rolf Structural Integration

Structural Integration, also called Rolfing, balances the body along the lines of gravity. Its originator, Dr.Ida P. Rolf, put it this way…”When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through. Then, spontaneously, the body heals itself.”

In the course of Structural Integration the body becomes noticeably balanced, easy, and effortlessly upright. Chronic pains and stress associated with bodily imbalances resolve spontaneously. Having a balanced body is a foundation for personal growth, peak physical performance, and full artistic expression.
People of all ages, varying backgrounds, and different ability will get wonderful lasting benefits. It is a foundational life lesson for living well. The take away is an unambiguous engrained sense of true balance. You move with self evident ease, power, grace, and presence. It supports you to move through life unimpeded, to stay healthy, to live fully, and to reach your goals.

Especially for Children…

Structural Integration is an education in the correct use of the body. This is for everybody; especially so for children. We automatically get bigger and stronger as we grow up. But, how the parts of the body actually come to fit and work together doesn’t happen by itself. That is learned. In this regard we are mostly self-taught. The average individual arrives at maturity with a body randomly organized, short of his/her potential for balance according to the dictates of gravity. Our body patterns develop through use. We learn how to be by copying those around us. Add in a unique personal history of accidents and traumas, bad habits, and improper/limited training. Eventually this inefficient pattern becomes anchored firmly in the fabric of the body. We are shaped by our experience. In the course of Structural Integration the body becomes noticeably balanced, easy, and effortlessly upright. Structural Integration is peerless and definitive.

David D. Wronski
Board Certified Advanced Practice  •  Since 1981

NJ Center for Healthy Living, Montclair, NJ
New York Center for Rolfing, New York City  •  

Besides my respect for the potency of this work for freeing oneself from chronic pains and stress, I am enthusiastic about how structural balance and integrity empower individuals to take a conscious, active role in raising the level of their health and wellness. I approach Structural Integration as a transformative growth process. More education than therapy. My understanding is that true structural balance in the fabric of the body itself is the foundation for realizing your highest potential for everyday effectiveness, athletic performance, creative expression, and fulfillment in life. I am very pleased to offer Structural Integration as a key support for anyone on the path of growth and self understanding. For children, I wholeheartedly recommend Structural Integration as a foundational life lesson that will serve them for a lifetime. Please consider it for yourself.

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