Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pisa Update!

So, you ask, what’s with the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Did you know that by 1990 the Pisa tower was leaning by nearly 4 ½ meters off center.  Scientists have so far removed a small amount of soil from the base and the structure came back nearly 2 ½ centimeters.  Centimeters!?  They plan to remove 50 cubic meters more of soil and expect that this will cause it to come back another ½ meter.  This is predicted to add another 350 years to the tower’s life!

If you look at your body in basic architectural terms…compared to a simple vertical line… how do you stack up?  If you visited Pisa, would you blend in?  Does your body look more like a question mark than an exclamation point?  Are you zagging when you want to be zigging?  If you followed your nose would you be going uphill or down? Should we call the Ministry of Silly Walks?  If you were a pizza, would the topping slide off?  Does the girl next door like you just the way you are?…Next door!  Huh, bunky?

Seriously, how our bodies stack up in the earth’s energy field, gravity, makes a lot a difference in the quality of our health and aliveness. We mostly don’t pay much attention to this “gravity factor” in our day-to-day living.  Unless, if we accidentally drop something or have a spill; then, gravity asserts itself quickly and quite emphatically.  So as we age we find ourselves too quickly breaking down and in need of all kinds of unnecessary outside supports.  We live below our normal potentials.

Good news!  We have choice.  And it’s right at hand.  Now, just to do it!  Synchronizing yourself with the earth’s great energy field is easy.  Stand up straight, already.  Sit upright; with dignity.  Move consciously and be present to the simple messages gravity is giving you in your felt sense of things.   Like mamma said, “don’t slouch.

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