Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Pretty much in terms of what we know scientifically, Gravity is still a mystery. Practically speaking though, we know a lot about it. 

Someone sometime way back when figured out that building a wall straight up and down will guarantee it endures. You need to know from Gravity to get those seams in the wallpaper to line up. In more recent times we've calculated just what it takes to get the hell off Planet Earth. Gone to the Moon. Noticed the Gravitational effect there. Thinking about going to Mars. Hopefully, round trip. Next month, March 2016, Scott Kelly will return after a full year in space. It'll be most interesting what he has to report on how it feels to get back on Terra Firma. Hope they evaluate his body structure. Specifically, if and how it may have changed. (I'm betting they didn't do a pre-assessment on that. Or, that it's on their analysis list. We shall see.)

Since Gravity is so ubiquitous and constant we are naturally inured to it. It plays under the radar of our everyday awareness. In short, as ineluctable as it is, we generally take it for granted. 

The most powerful and universal force in the world ... taken for granted! Before it does, and possibly forestalling the eventuality of Gravity taking its leave of us for lack of due respect, let's give some acknowledgment to the Force that holds the Universe together. And, that's ... literally!

A Wronski's Wramblings [WW] first ... a conversation with Gravity [G].

WW: How ya doin'?

G: Same old, same old.

WW: Really? Sounds like you're bored. Not enough to do, keeping things together and all that?

G: Well that's a full time job, for sure. And, things do indeed keep changing, so I have to adjust. Come to think of it I'm all up to there with things to do. And, I gotta do it in so-called "Real Time". Now, is the only time I got. No do overs. Nothing to postpone. 

WW: I think we should give you a huge THANK YOU! Speaking for all of mankind, that is.

G: You are most welcome!

WW: Anything you'd like to share, now that you have the ear of all of humanity.

G: Yes, in fact. Here it is. You know a lot about me, for sure. Really like those Pyramids. Nice work! I was there when that fella discovered me. Not Newton. No. The guy who figured out that up and down and level were good standards for constructing things. The first plumb wall. It still brings tears to my eyes.

WW: You have eyes?

G: I be speaking metaphorically, junior! Don't be stupid! And, speaking of stupid ... When in the gosh dern hell are you people going to figure out that your bodies are just like any other physical structure on Earth. Same rules apply!

WW: What are you getting at?

G: Just this! Your body anatomically is in fact designed to work with me. That's why it's the normal thing to be stacked up vertically, everything all even and level. This is basic Physics ... how your body stacks up in me [Gravity] is a key factor in health and performance.

WW: Well everybody knows that!

G: Really! So how come the average individual is living observably below even a base line threshold for being in balance structurally measured against a simple straight vertical line? Plumb line, if you want to get technical. It's so common and widespread it goes unrecognized as such. You've built whole industries catering to palliative remedies for your pains and stress, completely ignoring what is in front of your noses. Off kilter to my simple dictates.  Like this:

WW: You don't have to convince me, G. I teach people that as a profession. 

G: Well then, get busy. Spread the word. This war with Gravity must end!

WW: I'm on it!

G: And, another thing! What's with those golfers, always looking for the best new driver, or putter. All those lessons! Your body is an instrument in the equation too. Why not bring it into balance along the lines of Gravity! That would be a key factor in your golf score ... and enjoyment of the game? Duh!

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