Thursday, April 12, 2012


The force of gravity is a prime ecological fact.

Its constant downward pull is so ever present it goes unnoticed.

The demands of gravity on the human body are the same as for any physical structure on Earth.

Plumb and square.

Gravity is definitely with you.

The question is, are you with it?

The answer: cum se cum sa.

As a species humankind has yet to fully live into its design potential for verticality/uprightness in the makeup of the body.

This usual condition is also so widespread and common, it too goes unnoticed.

We often mistake what’s normal for what’s usual.

Nevertheless, there is an ineluctable relationship between the organization of the human body and the action of gravity.

Gravity is not going away.

We ignore the message of gravity to our own limitation and detriment.

The vertical line of the body and the vertical line of gravity are meant to match up.

It is obvious from basic Anatomical science and Physics that it is in the cards for humans to realize the call of its species to cooperate with the dictates of the gravitational force.

In a very real sense we are, every one of use, constantly and daily throughout our lifetimes engaged in a learning realationship to gravity.

Dr. Ida P. Rolf orginated Structural Integration.

It is a transformation to a consciously engaged relationship to the energy field of the earth.

Dr. Rolf saw this unique approach to health and well-being as a step in the evolutionary process, for humans to become fully adapted to earth’s energy field and living in harmony with the dictates of that gravitational force.

She exhorted, “Consign your body to gravity.”

In other words, consciously decide to realize the possibility of living with your body surrendered to the support of the gravity environment.

No holding on. Fully supported. Energized. Easy. Present. Powerful. Graceful. Capable.

Imagine human beings adapted ecologically to the force of gravity much in the same way fish are adapted to their watery environment.

Imagine, if land life emerged from the sea, what great evolutionary leap is possible for humankind from the constraints of gravity?

This is nothing more than a firm grasp of the obvious.

It should make sense.

But, it takes some doing to get there.

There is choice in this matter.

Hear the wake-up call to put yourself on the growth track to live into your natural potential for truly balanced living.

Balance in the arrangement of the body is a foundation.

Balance means top physical performance.

Balance means full creative expressiveness.

Balance means just plain living well.

Balance is its own reward.

Balance is self evident.

Rolf Structural Integration is not at all necessary.

It does, however, represent peerless and definitive assistance to speed your progress.

Decide for balance.

Get with gravity.


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